George Washington and the Cherry Tree

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Besides exotic introductions, the Eastern United States was full of wild, native cherry trees. Our native pin cherry P. And if George had cut down a chokecherry P.

George Washington’s first biographer leaves behind contested anecdotes

The tree doesn't grow very large and the fruit, to quote William Ward , "so furre the mouth that the tongue will cleave the roof. Also abundant — I am looking at three large, wild trees from my window as I write — is our native black cherry P. This species is sometimes called the American sweet black cherry, but "sweet" is a stretch.

Fruits of some trees have respectable flavor, but it's accompanied by bitterness.

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Colonists did eat the fruit or, more often, mix it with rum into a cherry liqueur. Black cherry fruit is enjoyed by birds and some humans, and the tree can be attractive, especially in a few months, when the branches will be drooping with long, white racemes of flowers. The best part of the black cherry tree is the wood, a hardwood which with some sanding and then oil or varnish takes on a soft brown finish, with just a hint of red. What kind of cherry tree did Washington fell?

The Mount Vernon Estate debunks common myths about Washington's life.

If he did. Lee Reich Associated Press. Weeping cherry trees are shown in Bryn Mawr, Pa. A flowering cherry tree in the Bronx, N.

George Washington and the Cherry Tree - a fun poem for kids

By a combination of that and probably having naturally bad teeth, this led to him losing his teeth steadily from the age of To make up for the missing teeth, his dentist provided him with several sets of false teeth over the years, none of which were made from wood- wood being a very poor choice for this sort of thing.

So what did they make them out of? Mainly things like cow teeth, hippopotamus ivory, and even human teeth that he acquired by various means. Another myth surrounding the memory of Washington is that he once threw a U. He did make an attempt to free his slaves sooner, in , by selling off and leasing much of his estate, in order to raise funds to make it feasible to emancipate his slaves, but the scheme ultimately fell through.

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At the time of his death, there were a full slaves at his estate, 40 of which were leased from others, and of which were owned by George Washington. Martha kept them until her death in when they were inherited by her children. Seeing that this article was about slavery, and not cherry trees, it was against the law to free a slave unless you were able, and willing to provide for them financially. This is likely the reason Washington waited until shortly before his death to do so.

Jefferson had, being in debt that he was, had the additional problem, I think, of, if freeing his slaves, their being taken by creditors as slaves the moment they set their feet off his property anyway. I researched this question about the cherry tree in depth as a history major at James Madison University.

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  • Did George Washington Chop Down A Cherry Tree? | Mount Vernon, VA Patch.

He was severely punished for this action. The story later morphed into a tale of moral greatness for George, since the real story was not very flattering…. The story about Washington as a teen.

The Washington Cherry Tree Myth

One BIG thing proving the falsehood is that Washingtons father died when he was eleven years old. Franz, This speaks poorly for your History degree at James Madison when it is clearly documented that George Washington was merely 11 years old when his father died. Slaves were not considered men back then. Also, that part about how he did nothing shows your total lack of knowledge regarding Governmental history.

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Back then, the federal Government had very little power over the States. Basically they were in charge of National Security and interstate commerce.

So even if Washington declared the slaves free, the States would not have been under any obligation to follow this decree. Maybe he could have pushed for his version of the 13th amendment in his time, but it would not have passed the ratification process. In his time the Federal Government was rather weak and lacked trust and loyalty from the States. I would rather like to see it that way again actually.

With these two examples of you lack of critical thought, I did not bother reading the rest. Thank you for the origins of the cherry tree story though.

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