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Forever now — serving hot dogs this way — inside the hole of a bun has presented challenges.

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In countries where it's popular, they use a cool little machine see below. Problem is: these machines are run on electricity which isn't something most mobile vendors have available. And even sellers on Amazon are getting in on the increasing popularity by offering a much smaller — non-commercial machines.

Why Don't Hot Dogs and Hot Dog Buns Come in Packs of Equal Number?

But it's really useless for vendors even with electricity available as the process can take more time and the commercial units will tie up more space on your cart. According to some hot dog vendors I've spoken with — it's less messy and has a unique appeal.

Additionally, they can offer an array of bun types as the machine will poke a hole in about any bread. Even with a small machine — you'd have to have some sort of surround cover for it. Unless you're inside a food truck or concession trailer. The benefits — besides how dang cool they look and the many breads you could use for buns, they hold up better. No more leaky messes.

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A hotdog and a bun are the perfect couple. Without the dog, you are left with a plain piece of bread and without the bun; you are left with a lonely sausage. How did these two delicious components unite to become an American icon? Louis street vendor first married the two tastes so his customers did not burn their hands on the HOT dog. Ever since then, hotdogs have been a sign of summer and are enjoyed across the nation.

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